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6 Indus Valley Products Review: Best and Worst

Indus Valley Products Review

Have you heard the name of Indus Valley? Haven’t you? I hope you are well verse with the products of this company. It is a well-known renowned firm which is famous for producing its natural products in the foothills of Himalayas. Manufacturing in the natural surroundings with some of the purest and natural ingredients is a unique combination in itself. In fact almost all the products are free from the effect of PPD, ammonia or any other toxic ingredients. Though they may cost a little bit more but the impact that they have on skin and hairs is long lasting and free from any sort of irritation and itching. I am here to give you my personal opinion which I used on myself and share my experiences which I think are worth mentioning. So let me give a brief look of them.

These are the products which I and my family relied upon:

  • Active charcoal mask + scrub
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Active charcoal face wash
  • Beard and hair oil
  • Multani mitti powder
  • Henna hair color
  • Indus valley Active charcoal mask + scrub: I used to search a lot on the internet about a product which can exfoliate my facial skin completely. Then I came to know that the only thing that can serve this purpose is a facial scrub and that too a natural one. On one fine day, I saw a listing on Amazon about this product. Initially, I thought to leave it. I will purchase it from any nearest shop. But I could not find this. Finally I ordered this and used it for the first time in hope that it will give a rejuvenating effect to my skin. But I can’t explain in words that it removed all the dirt from the pores of facial skin and cleansed my face completely. Thus it is an effective product which I think is worth noticing and purchasing this product proved to be a good decision for me.
  • Aloe vera gel: It was a delightful experience of using this gel. I was already familiar with the use of this natural product. Even my whole family uses it at least once in a day. Massaging from aloe vera gel is my daily activity. I have been using this for the past 3 months. I noticed a marvellous change in my skin tone. My face has become brighter than earlier. In fact, the moisturization that this gel has provided me is phenomenal. I have even recommended this to my several friends and they got benefitted from this gel.
  • Face wash: How can one forget the use of a face wash on a daily bais if he/she needs a clear and radiant face? The same thing is my top most priority and I have been using Indus valley charcoal face wash for several weeks. I purchased it by keeping in mind that it will be just helpful for cleansing my facial skin. But it exceeded my hopes and aspirations and gave me more benefits than I earlier expected out of it. Its deep cleansing property and dirt absorption phenomena by charcoal is what I am fan of. I think every young individual must give it a shot once in his/her lifetime to look better and confident.
  • Multani Mitti powder: Although I haven’t used it personally I bought this one for my mother as she had a beautiful face but dull looking skin tone. Initially, she tried a lot of methods to get rid of this problem but didn’t get the exact results which she was expecting. I ordered this powder for her happiness. She tried and tested it on her face and it is needless to mention she almost got a new face with a bright complexion. I was very happy. In fact, she now looks younger than her own age.
  • Beard and hair oil: Before 6 months, I was going through a phase of harassment where everyone used to make fun of me. The reason was my clean shaved face and lack of beard at the age of 35. I started asking various persons about what to do next. And one of my loving friends asked me to use beard oil. I doubted it and ignored his words. But he strongly insisted me to at least use it once and then decide. Then I ordered it and applied it for 3 weeks. Initially, it didn’t give me the exact results. But after 4 months of use, I have got a thick and manly beard which even my friend is jealous of. Isn’t that interesting?
  • Indus valley herbal henna powder: In our life, ageing takes a toll not only on our health but also on the colour and texture of our hair. The similar thing was happening with my uncle. He used to use an artificial dye on his hairs which were available at a cheap cost and was eventually suffering from various side effects. Then I suggested him to use herbal henna color which is a natural and organic one in my opinion. He tried it out having faith in me. The outcomes which he got after its first application was quite positive. He even thanked me later on for such a product.

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Thus these are the personal experiences of my own and my various family members. I am not asking you to blindly trust these. I want you to just have a try and then feel the difference. All the best.

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